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Experience More Freedom Than Ever Before When Running Tracks

With Playback you now have more freedom than you’ve ever had before when running tracks. Our newest release, Playback 3.3 is available to download today for iPhone or iPad and it includes some of the biggest updates we’ve ever made to Playback. Read on for a quick run-through of everything that’s new in the App. If you want to demo these features, you can start a free 30 day trial of Pro or Premium to try them out for yourself.

Adding Song Sections

As you’re preparing for your set, you can now add any song section anywhere in the arrangement. Press EDIT and press the plus sign on any song section. You’ll see a list of all the currently available songs sections and you can add them anywhere in your set. You can also continue to delete song sections and preset a song section to infinite loop while in EDIT. At any point you can reset to the default arrangement from the Adding Song Section menu.

Live Re-Order (Premium)

With Live Re-Order you can go beyond the preset arrangement while performing live. While audio is playing you can double tap on any song section to jump to that part of the arrangement. At the end of the currently playing song section you’ll jump to the next section and you’ll hear the correct guide cue for the next section. At any point you can “cancel” your selection by double tapping on the song section again and you’ll jump back where you were in the arrangement.

MIDI Navigation (Premium)

Perhaps one of the most exciting features of 3.3 is how you can use a MIDI controller to navigate through your arrangement without ever needing to touch your device. You can assign the previous and next buttons to your controller to navigate through the arrangement section by section and once you hit select, you’ll jump to that section at the end of the currently playing song section. This allows for ultimate freedom and flexibility live when you’re using a MIDI controller.

MIDI Mapping to Song Sections (Premium)

Now you can MIDI map to a particular song section in your arrangement so you can get to it at anytime. This is perfect if you want to always be able to get back to a chorus or instrumental from anywhere in the song.

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