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Introducing Organic from Isaac Gonzalez

We are excited to introduce Isaac Gonzalez's newest MainStage bundle, Organic. This bundle is a collection of sounds used in the production of the record FT. by LEAD and these patches portray Isaac’s vision for a stripped down set. This bundle has a variety of sounds for an intimate setting. You will find acoustic and electric pianos, ambient textures, samples and moving textures all layered together for a unique tonal experience. This bundle has a balance between the unplugged/acoustic and indie/electric sound.  Add Organic to your collection today!

New Patches from Peter James - Nigel Hendroff Ambient Guitars 2

Today we are excited to release Nigel Hendroff Ambient Guitars 2 from Peter James. This bundle captures yet another Classic Nigel Hendroff Shimmer Guitar Ambience. The audio files were also Mixed and Mastered by one of Hillsong’s great Mix/Mastering Engineers to give the product a really professional polished sound! This bundle is available in MainStage, WAV and M4A formats. The WAV and M4A bundles also include a bonus Ableton Live file with a custom designed Audio Effects Rack to transform the sounds and provide even more sounds for those that do own Ableton. These Guitar Ambiences were recorded in all 12 keys for variety and flexibility and will be a great addition to your drone pad library.

New from Deluxe Piano

Deluxe Piano is an Ableton Live instrument rack designed by Dan Ferguson for the modern worship keyboard player. Eight controls utilize advanced macro mapping and mix techniques to give you quick and easy access to powerful and flexible sound crafting tools. Deluxe Piano combines the finest quality free piano samples with professional post-production techniques, bringing it all together in a performer-friendly interface compatible with all editions of Ableton Live from Intro to Suite. These creative features combined with easy access to filters and one-knob compression provide you with a wide range of piano sounds, equipping you for any situation. If you are a keys player, be sure to pick up Deluxe Piano today.

Analog V Pad + Now Available for Ableton Live!

Analog V Pad +, one of Peter James’ most popular pads is now available for Ableton Live! Analog V Pad + was used heavily on Aftermath from Hillsong UNITED and across other UNITED and Hillsong Live records. This powerful pad includes a filter cutoff and a shimmer amount as well as 6 presets for sound design inspiration. This pad is available for Ableton Live 9 Intro and above.

Peter James' Ultimate Reason Collection 2 Now Available!

We are excited to bring you Ultimate Reason Collection 2 from Peter James! This bundle is a collection of sampled Pads, Leads, Basses and ARP patches for Reason. It is packed full of sounds used by Peter on a variety of Hillsong Worship records and even includes patches used on Hillsong Young & Free’s "Alive" and "This Is Living."  If you are a Reason user, you are definitely going to want to add these sounds to your collection.  Pick up Ultimate Reason Collection 2 today!

New From Lead Machine

Lead Machine is an instrument created by Dan Ferguson exclusively for The Lead Machine is an Ableton Instrument created for the modern worship keyboard player who is tired of leaving the big synth sounds in the tracks. This is a powerful instrument rack which combines 3 core-sounds and advanced macro processing to create the sounds needed to cut through a mix.

With a user friendly interface, it creates sounds from huge energetic EDM leads and smooth spacious poly-synths to punchy bass sounds and plucky percussive dance leads. Featuring side chain emulation and easy envelope editing, the Lead Machine will ensure you can take pre recorded synths out of backing track without losing energy or authenticity.  The Lead Machine includes, but is not limited to, 12 presets in the bundle to get you up and running quickly and easily. These can be added to your Ableton library but are also pre programmed as midi clips in the Ableton session for easy patch changing between sections in songs without the need to run multiple instances of the synth.

Introducing New Patch Producer Leo Ceballos

Electric City is the debut bundle from Leo Ceballos. Leo is currently working full time as a keyboardist and musical director for Nathan Ironside & El Despertar and has created this MainStage bundle with inspiration from his many years playing in a live environment. Electric City is a collection inspired by classic sounds with a modern twist, that will awaken your imagination when it comes to creating and playing music live. In this bundle, you will find great Classical pianos, Rhodes, organs and synths with a lot of depth and character. Each sound uses native MainStage sounds so there is no other required content!

New from - Ambient Waves

Ambient Waves is a product created by Tyler Prange. This is a drone pad instrument for Ableton Live Standard and Suite. Ambient Waves uses classic Sine, Square, and Saw waves as a building block, morphed with shimmer verb, filters and other various effects to create a versatile tone bed for any track or live performance.  Start with the filter down to layer under the intro of a slow song and gradually filter up, add in shimmer verb and try the “Little Extra” or the “ADD LOW” knob to add some drive to your sound as you build dynamics. With preset Midi clips in every key, this patch works great in both Session and Arrangement view.

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