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New From Lead Machine

Lead Machine is an instrument created by Dan Ferguson exclusively for The Lead Machine is an Ableton Instrument created for the modern worship keyboard player who is tired of leaving the big synth sounds in the tracks. This is a powerful instrument rack which combines 3 core-sounds and advanced macro processing to create the sounds needed to cut through a mix.

With a user friendly interface, it creates sounds from huge energetic EDM leads and smooth spacious poly-synths to punchy bass sounds and plucky percussive dance leads. Featuring side chain emulation and easy envelope editing, the Lead Machine will ensure you can take pre recorded synths out of backing track without losing energy or authenticity.  The Lead Machine includes, but is not limited to, 12 presets in the bundle to get you up and running quickly and easily. These can be added to your Ableton library but are also pre programmed as midi clips in the Ableton session for easy patch changing between sections in songs without the need to run multiple instances of the synth.

Introducing New Patch Producer Leo Ceballos

Electric City is the debut bundle from Leo Ceballos. Leo is currently working full time as a keyboardist and musical director for Nathan Ironside & El Despertar and has created this MainStage bundle with inspiration from his many years playing in a live environment. Electric City is a collection inspired by classic sounds with a modern twist, that will awaken your imagination when it comes to creating and playing music live. In this bundle, you will find great Classical pianos, Rhodes, organs and synths with a lot of depth and character. Each sound uses native MainStage sounds so there is no other required content!

New from - Ambient Waves

Ambient Waves is a product created by Tyler Prange. This is a drone pad instrument for Ableton Live Standard and Suite. Ambient Waves uses classic Sine, Square, and Saw waves as a building block, morphed with shimmer verb, filters and other various effects to create a versatile tone bed for any track or live performance.  Start with the filter down to layer under the intro of a slow song and gradually filter up, add in shimmer verb and try the “Little Extra” or the “ADD LOW” knob to add some drive to your sound as you build dynamics. With preset Midi clips in every key, this patch works great in both Session and Arrangement view.

New from - Ableton Keys Template

Today we are excited to bring you our brand new Ableton Keys Template.  If you're a keys player wanting to using Ableton Live for keys, this is the easiest way to get started. This template harnesses the power of Instrument Racks, Chain Selector, and MIDI Clips mapped to control the Chain Selector to make using Keys in Ableton Live easier and more powerful than ever before. This helps you manage your sounds across projects, transition smoothly between sounds, and it helps manage CPU. This template does not include sounds - it lets you use your own sounds in Ableton Live. It requires Ableton Live 9.7 & higher and Ableton Live Standard or Suite (it is not compatible with Ableton Live Intro).  Pick up Ableton Keys Template today!

New from Will Doggett - Essential Elements V2

Today we’re announcing a brand new Elements Collection, Essential Elements V2 from Will Doggett. Elements are drum loop collections that are created specifically to be used in a Worship Environment. Essential Elements V2 is the first elements collection from Will in over 8 years. “I’ve been amazed at the response to all the Elements collections throughout the years," he shares.  "I had no idea 8 years ago when I created Elements that they would be used to this extent, by this many people. I’m excited to add to the legacy of these collections with Essential Elements V2”. This collection includes 4 measure "drum loops" that are perfect for any worship song. These are filtered, and washed out, and would fit perfect in a low bridge or chorus. They're great if you're making your own content, or just looking for drum loops to use to supplement your team.

All of Will's Elements Collections are now available on his producer page and this week we are offering 20% off each when you use promo code ELEMENTS at checkout.  Promo expires Sunday, July 30.

New from Isaac Gonzalez - Jupiter Dilution

Isaac Gonzalez's newest bundle, Jupiter Dilution, embraces the analog tones from the Jupiter-8 created back in the 1980’s. This bundle brings you Isaac’s unique approach as a producer and keys player through the lens of this classic synth. The package contains pads, synths, lead synths and arpeggiators. These pads are great for the soundtrack atmospheres and to give an abstract edge to your production or performance. The synths are exciting and aggressive with a lot of interesting lead options for a modern sound while the arpeggiators are very catchy and are capable of making big statements to carry your arrangement or performance.  This is a bundle you'll definitely want to add to your collection!

-The Jupiter 8 version 3.1.0 by Arturia is required to access all sounds created in this bundle.

Take 20% off Ableton Keys, Vol. 1

This week take 20% off the price of Ableton Keys, Vol. 1 when you use promo code AKEYS20 at checkout. This bundle is a collaboration between Will Doggett and Tyler Prange exclusively for Each sound was specifically created with the worship keyboardist in mind. Ableton Keys Vol. 1 will give you all the building blocks you need to play a worship set using Ableton Live. This bundle has your go-to piano, Rhodes and pad sounds. If you are looking for a more electronic, modern feel, we have included a variety of synth arps, basses and huge chord plucks.  Promo ends this Sunday, July 23.

-Ableton Live 9 Suite Required-

Emerge patches by Isaac Gonzales 20% off

Take 20% off Emerge, the premier bundle from patch producer Isaac Gonzalez, this week when you use promo code EMERGE20 at checkout. The sounds in this bundle are designed to express Isaac's unique outlook on music. With 18 versatile patches that combine pianos, pads, lead, rhythm synths, and other assorted sample instruments this bundle is characterized by it’s unique perspective on tones and colors for the songs of tomorrow. Emerge was created solely with stock processing from MainStage, making it accessible to a vast audience. Each patch in this bundle is full of depth and warmth that will take you to new heights in your musical journey.  Promo expires Sunday, July 16 at midnight.

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