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New From Peter James - OB Ambient Pads 2

We are excited to release OB Ambient Pads 2 by Peter James. These patches are sampled from an OB 6 through a BlueSky pedal on the shimmer setting creating a rich and bright shimmer drone. These patches are perfect for filling out worship songs and filling the space in transitions. You can purchase these pads in MainStage, M4A or WAV format. Both M4A and WAV formats come with a custom Ableton file with Peter's own custom effects rack for further customization.

New Patches Bundle - Ableton Keys Vol. 1

Today we are excited to release Ableton Keys Vol. 1. This bundle is a collaboration between Will Doggett and Tyler Prange and it was designed specifically with the worship keyboardist in mind. From pianos and Rhodes to pads and synth bass, Ableton Keys Vol. 1 has everything you need to get started with playing keys in Ableton Live. Using all native Ableton instruments and synthesizer in Ableton Live 9 Suite we have crafted sounds to fit perfectly in the modern worship environment.  Pick up these new sounds and add them to your collection today.

-Ableton Live 9 Suite Required-

Youth Revival Sounds Now Available for Omnisphere 2

We are excited to release Youth Revival Sounds from Peter James exclusively for Omnisphere 2. In this bundle Pete worked with Jack McGrath and Tim Koziol from Hillsong Young & Free to bring you the keys patches used on the Youth Revival album. Using Omnisphere 2, Pete has sculpted shimmering pads, pulsing synths and soaring leads that will enhance your keys library! The best part is that this bundle requires no additional content!

New Patches from - Pad Machine

Today we're announcing a new Instrument from for Ableton Live 9 Suite. Created by Sound Designer and Producer Daniel Ferguson exclusively for, Pad Machine is a versatile pad instrument designed to bring complex, customizable pad sounds in a variety of situations. The ability to cross fade between three Ableton Live Suite native sound sources giving this instrument an extremely complex tonal range. By blending in reverb, adding glitter and utilizing the wide variety of built in tone shaping effects you can create a sound for every situation. From drones for transitions to versatile sweeping pads, this instrument will not disappoint. If you using Ableton Live 9 Suite you'll want to pick up this incredibly versatile Instrument.

Red Shimmer Pads for Ableton Live Now Available!

Ableton users, today we are releasing Anthony Catacoli's Red Shimmer Pads for Ableton Live. Red Shimmer Pads is a collection of Anthony's favorite pads brought from Red Essentials and Red Pads but processed by a Strymon BigSky to add the Shimmer setting to the processed signal. Each patch is sampled at three filter ranges to give a variety of tone in the sample and in the shimmer reverb. Each patch is mapped with a custom reverb preset created by Anthony to help fill out the sound and give players customization on the fly. If you are looking for a versatile shimmer pad for your Ableton library this bundle will not disappoint!

Red Shimmer Pads - Anthony Catacoli

You can now purchase Red Shimmer Pads from patch producer Anthony Catacoli. This is our first Nord bundle that is available across all Nord models. Red Shimmer Pads is a collection of Anthony’s favorite pads processed through a Strymon BigSky for that signature shimmer tone. These pads layer great with piano patches and will bring that classic shimmer ambience for any environment. This library of shimmery pad samples can be loaded into your Nord’s sample bank and is sampled with a variety of filter settings to help with some of the limitations of the Nord Piano and Electro series.

Youth Revival Sounds from Peter James Now Available

We are excited to release Youth Revival Sounds from Peter James. In this bundle for MainStage, Pete worked with Jack McGrath and Tim Koziol from Hillsong Young & Free to bring you the keys patches used on the Youth Revival record. Using Omnisphere 2 and other VSTs, Pete has sculpted shimmering pads, pulsing synths and soaring leads that will enhance your keys library! There are two versions of this bundle, one that uses all the original plugins, and one using less plugins for wider accessibility. Please see the “Required Content” for each bundle.

Ultimate VintageVerb and Ultimate Shimmer Collections Now Available from Peter James

We are excited to introduce to you two great reverb preset libraries from Peter James: Ultimate VintageVerb Collection and Ultimate Shimmer Collection. In these bundles Pete uses Valhalla VintageVerb and Shimmer to create lush reverb presets that are great for anything from pianos and Rhodes to bass and leads. For these presets, Peter James has worked with Tim Koziol and Jack McGrath of Hillsong Young and Free to create reverb sounds used on multiple Hillsong songs and records. Using these VintageVerb or Shimmer presets is sure to take your sound design to the next level and give you new inspiration in your patch creation. The VintageVerb presets require a working version of Valhalla VintageVerb and the Shimmer presets are for MainStage. You can check out the walkthrough video below to see how these unique reverbs transform sounds into works of art!

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