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Using Ableton Live in Worship with Will Doggett

Join Ableton Live Certified Trainer Will Doggett as he explains how to use the powerful features of Ableton Live for your worship ministry. In this 8-hour intensive workshop, you'll get a comprehensive view of Ableton Live and its many useful applications, ranging from running tracks to triggering lights, lyrics, and video in perfect synchronization. You'll learn the basics of Live, how it handles audio, how to run tracks in both Session and Arrangement Views, how to record and edit audio/MIDI and how to use Ableton Live for keyboard sounds in a live setting. Whether you've been using Live for years, or are just getting started, this workshop will give you a deeper understanding of how Live works and how you can use it in your worship service.

As an Ableton Live Certified Trainer, Will Doggett knows what the powerful features of Ableton Live and MultiTracks can do for your worship ministry. In no time at all, you'll have the basic knowledge you need to run tracks, as well as trigger lights, lyrics, and video in perfect synchronization.  To register, call (800) 222-4700 or visit the Worship Connect page at

Please note: This workshop will not be recorded or broadcast online.  To get the most from this class, be sure to bring your laptop with Ableton pre-loaded on it to go through the exercises with the instructor!  

Analog V Pad + Now Available for Ableton Live!

Analog V Pad +, one of Peter James’ most popular pads is now available for Ableton Live! Analog V Pad + was used heavily on Aftermath from Hillsong UNITED and across other UNITED and Hillsong Live records. This powerful pad includes a filter cutoff and a shimmer amount as well as 6 presets for sound design inspiration. This pad is available for Ableton Live 9 Intro and above.

New from - Ableton Keys Template

Today we are excited to bring you our brand new Ableton Keys Template.  If you're a keys player wanting to using Ableton Live for keys, this is the easiest way to get started. This template harnesses the power of Instrument Racks, Chain Selector, and MIDI Clips mapped to control the Chain Selector to make using Keys in Ableton Live easier and more powerful than ever before. This helps you manage your sounds across projects, transition smoothly between sounds, and it helps manage CPU. This template does not include sounds - it lets you use your own sounds in Ableton Live. It requires Ableton Live 9.7 & higher and Ableton Live Standard or Suite (it is not compatible with Ableton Live Intro).  Pick up Ableton Keys Template today!

Take 20% off Ableton Keys, Vol. 1

This week take 20% off the price of Ableton Keys, Vol. 1 when you use promo code AKEYS20 at checkout. This bundle is a collaboration between Will Doggett and Tyler Prange exclusively for Each sound was specifically created with the worship keyboardist in mind. Ableton Keys Vol. 1 will give you all the building blocks you need to play a worship set using Ableton Live. This bundle has your go-to piano, Rhodes and pad sounds. If you are looking for a more electronic, modern feel, we have included a variety of synth arps, basses and huge chord plucks.  Promo ends this Sunday, July 23.

-Ableton Live 9 Suite Required-

Ableton Live for Keys Webinar Next Wednesday

Join us next Wednesday, June 28 at 2 pm CST for a special live webinar with Ableton Live Certified Trainer Will Doggett about how to use Ableton Live as a keyboard player. You'll learn how to create great sounds in Live, how to trigger sounds Live, and you'll get a preview of some brand new products from for keys players.  We encourage you and the keys players on your worship teams to tune in as this is a webinar you are definitely going to want to be a part of!  Be sure to subscribe to our Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter channels so you don't miss out!

New Patches Bundle - Ableton Keys Vol. 1

Today we are excited to release Ableton Keys Vol. 1. This bundle is a collaboration between Will Doggett and Tyler Prange and it was designed specifically with the worship keyboardist in mind. From pianos and Rhodes to pads and synth bass, Ableton Keys Vol. 1 has everything you need to get started with playing keys in Ableton Live. Using all native Ableton instruments and synthesizer in Ableton Live 9 Suite we have crafted sounds to fit perfectly in the modern worship environment.  Pick up these new sounds and add them to your collection today.

-Ableton Live 9 Suite Required-

Advanced Ableton Templates Now Available

Today we're pleased to announce Advanced Ableton Templates, our very first template for Ableton Live. These templates for Session and Arrangement view were the combined efforts of Kristian Ponsford and Will Doggett and are the result of their years of experience with Ableton Live and Worship Leading. The purchase includes both templates for Arrangement view and Session view and will give you ultimate freedom and power.

If you're new to Ableton Live or have been using it for years and you're looking to maximize it's power and minimize your time in creating sets-these templates are a perfect fit for you.

Ableton and Automation Training

If you’re planning for a big service this Easter and want to do more with production, you should check out our Ableton and Automation Training Bundle. It contains almost 9 hours of instruction including the basics of what gear you need, how to connect it, how to program cues and use it all live. If you’re interested in using Ableton Live to control your production elements but also don’t want to lose freedom and flexibility, then this training is for you. Each course also includes templates that will save you hours of time and make programming your sets easier then ever. Be sure to check it out if you’re looking for instruction that is rooted in experience. You can purchase the bundle or each individual course via our new Training page.

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